CTS Develops Mobile booth for COVID-19 Testing

A Mobile booth for COVID-19 Testing has been developed by CTS Europe Ltd in Portsmouth, UK. The booth enables the tester to perform tests efficiently and in complete separation between them and the patients. 

The test booth is a secure room with a positive pressure protective HEPA filtered environment to protect medical personnel testing for COVID-19.

Mobile testing booth
  • Easy access via glove ports to examine potentially infected persons.
  • Internal space for write up activities, sample preparation and storage.
  • Sample access hatch to receive test swabs.
  • Intercom option to communicate easily. Internal power and lighting.
  • Secure access - code locked door.
  • Pallet mounted for easy transportation.
  • System pre-validated prior to shipment. No on site commissioning required.

For more information, please download the technical specification on the link, or contact CTS Europe directly on +44 (0)2392 69 55 21

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