Podcast with The Leaders Council

The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a network of the nation's notable leadership figures. Through their online channels, Directors, CEO's and MPs share their knowledge, challenges and experiences.  In this podcast, CTS Managing director, Sean Codling, discusses the topic of leadership and his own experience as the company's leader.

Best Lab Contaiment Systems Manufacturer 2019

Following CTS’s nomination to The Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Technology Awards 2019. CTS are pleased to announce their success in wining 'Best Lab Containments Systems Manufacturer 2019' in the Medical Marijuana Awards and, for a second successive year, in the Technology Awards. The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards pay homage...

MarketsandMarkets High Potent Medicines Conference 2019

The growing demand of high potency drugs (HPAPIs) has meant an increasing focus on their development, rapid scaling, validation and production. Discussing strategies on containment, scalability and safety of those compounds is imperative to support their growing demand and to overcome challenges within the industry. During this year's conference, Sean...

A1 Envirosciences and CTS

M2 has a rich collection of skins - easy to install and perfectly designed. M2 is a product of joint efforts of one big team of devoted people..

GHP Technology Awards Winner 2018

The 2018 Technology Awards, hosted by The Global Health & Pharma (GHP) have been determined and CTS Europe has been granted 'Best Laboratory Containment Systems Manufacturer of the Year 2018' and 'Best New Laboratory Safety Device' with their bench-mounted fume hood, the Lab-Bubble. The GHP Technology Awards 2018 have been...