Bulk Powder Weighing Enclosure

Potent Powder Weighing Enclosures

CTS Balance enclosures guarantee balance stability whilst providing proven protection from exposure to potent compounds. CTS Balance weighing enclosure systems are specifically designed for the handling and weighing of potent compounds from milligram to kilogram quantities. The unique patented airflow and cleaning design provides a turbulence-free environment for sensitive analytical and microbalances.


The ergonomic profile design makes the CTS systems comfortable and easy to use. These enclosures are designed with an increased internal depth which allows them to accommodate deeper balances whilst minimising bench space and it is ideal for the laboratory weighing of potent powders to the nanogram quantities. The design also allows the analyst to easily clean the enclosure without removing contaminated equipment and their black granite bases provide both stability and a simple-to-clean surface that highlights small amounts of contamination.


The CTS range of bulk powder weighing enclosures are designed for larger scale powder handling common in dispensary or scale up operations. All CTS weighing enclosures are independently performance tested to recognised pharmaceutical industry standards, providing high level of containment.