Bespoke Laboratory Safety Enclosures

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Bespoke Containment Solutions

With an expert in-house engineering design team, consultative approach to design and purpose-built manufacturing facilities, CTS can provide application specific containment systems dedicated to the safe use of a particular piece of equipment. Laboratory enclosures systems are designed to each customer specification and can be manufactured from either acrylic or stainless steel and supplied either ready with air extraction and filtration units or for direct connection to an in-house extract system. The design approach will take into account how the equipment is used, how it is serviced and how the operator can work with minimal contamination risk. Each system design is stored as a CAD file. With CTS, should the customer wish to change any dimension aspect of the enclosure, CTS can provide a built kit to add to the existing system.


CTS Bespoke Enclosures Gallery


CTS custom-build containment systems range from small portable devices to large scale laboratory safety enclosures.

    • Portable Containment Devices
    • Stainless Steel Solutions
    • Unique Environments
    • Laboratory Process Containment Systems 

Find out about CTS Engineering design process for custom fume hoods and bespoke containment systems here.


Laboratory Process Containment Systems

CTS Modular Laboratory process containment, MPC systems, are a combination of all their containment technologies and provide a safe and controlled working environment. CTS can engineer safe laboratory processes by linking enclosure systems and equipment together, providing a complete contained laboratory process whilst providing proven consistent containment at all times.

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