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Bespoke Systems

CTS design and manufacture custom  enclosures for laboratories  in the UK and worldwide.  Find out more about CTS Bespoke Service here or see a selection of CTS latest Bespoke Laboratory Enclosures here. To discuss potential applications for containment, call +44 2392 695521 or email sales@containment-technology.co.uk.

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CTS can help to manage containment projects, and where necessary coordinate with other engineering, containment or service providers to provide the best possible containment solution for your facility.

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Engineering Design

CTS world-class solutions rely on a robust engineering practice. CTS laboratory containment systems are the result of expert knowledge and technical experience which enable the design team to fulfill the customer’s needs and the safety requirements of laboratory processes.

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3D CAD Modelling

CTS in-house engineers are Solidworks™ CAD certified professionals. Customers can have a 3D visualization of any safety laboratory system with their equipment or process included prior to manufacturing. This allows CTS clients to assess and approve the proposed solution before the manufacturing process takes place which reduces overall lead times and costs.




CTS range of laboratory enclosures as well as custom containment solutions are final built in their own manufacturing facilities in Portsmouth. CTS have complete control over all phases of production, ensuring maximum attention to detail and a consistent reliable quality. CTS can support the assembly and fitting of any size project and work with short lead times.


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CTS provide end-to-end containment solutions ensuring that project requirements are met at every stage of the process. CTS deliver and maintain fully functioning laboratory safety systems through a comprehensive portfolio of services covering consultation, design, manufacturing, testing, delivery, installation, service support and training.


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CTS provide technical support, calibration and certification of laboratory containment systems. Preventive maintenance and service support can also be provided on a rolling contract half yearly or yearly to ensure all containment equipment stays in excellent working condition. Find out more.

Worldwide service support is also offered through channel partners.

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 Performance Testing

All CTS laboratory safety systems are pre-qualified prior to shipment. CTS understand the increasing need for validation and regulatory compliance and provide a comprehensive installation and operational qualification certification (IQOQ) for all their laboratory applications, ensuring the systems perform as expected. Many CTS containment solutions have been surrogate tested and also tested to fume hood standards as part of an installation or parts of factory acceptance. CTS are very familiar with containment performance requirements and testing



CTS conduct containment awareness and safe weighing workshops. These workshops provide analysts with the necessary tools to work safely when handling active drug compounds in the laboratory. For detailed information click here, call us on +44 2392 695521 or email us on sales@containment-technology.co.uk.