Training Workshops

Providing analysist with necessary tools to work safely when handling active drug compounds in the laboratory.

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Practical advice on how to minimise exposure to airborne and surface contaminants in the laboratory

CTS understand the hazards associated with handling active pharmaceutical drugs and the various devices suitable for minimising exposure to contaminants. 

The Safe Weighing Practice workshop (SWP) provides both, experienced and new analysts with an overview of the hazards associated with weighing and manipulation of potent drug compounds. The SWP workshop gives practical advice on how to minimise exposure to airborne and surface contaminants in the laboratory.

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The SWP workshop includes an interactive theory session of an hour covering: Potent powder awareness, Knowledge of containment risks, Safe weighing techniques and correct use of containment systems

Theory Session

The SWP workshop is interactive and provides flexibility to develop site specific safe handling protocols. Practical exercises include: Contamination detection using specialist fluorescent powders and UV lighting techniques and cleaning techniques.

Practical Hands-on session

This training is designed for analytical and safety staff. The course duration is 2 hours and it is carried out on the customer's site. Due to the practical nature of the training, this course has been designed for individuals or groups of up to 5 people.

Other information

On completion of the course, training certificates are issued to every attendee. Training certificates are valid for 2 years as refresher training to update with pharmaceutical industry recognised practice is recommended every 2 years.


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Training Workshops

Training for experienced and new analysts to develop safe work practice when handling drug compounds in the laboratory.

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