Worldwide Specialists in Powder Handling Cabinets and Bespoke Laboratory Containment Systems

Design, Construction and Commissioning.


Worldwide Specialists in Powder Handling Cabinets and Bespoke Laboratory Containment Systems

Design, Construction and Commissioning.



ST1 Powder weighing enclosure with Safe change HEPA filtration

Powder Weighing Enclosures

Potent powder weighing enclosures, also know as vented balance safety enclosure systems, are designed for the handling and weighing of potent pharmaceutical compounds.

instrument enclosure

Instrument Enclosures

Instrument enclosures and LEV systems offer a unique flexible approach To enclosing instrumentation and laboratory processes for the handling and analysis of potent powders.

climate controlled laboratory enclosure

Climate Control Enclosures

CTS Climatically controlled enclosure, ClimateZone™, mantains a set climatic environment for the handling of sensitive pharmaceutical drug compounds.

Glove Boxes and Isolators

Gloveboxes and isolators provide stable controlled environments for sensitive compounds, allowing the analyst to carry out various activities in the laboratory.

Technical drawing for custome made laboratory fumehood
Bespoke Laboratory Containment Systems
CTS meet the ever-changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

CTS provide application specific containment systems dedicated to the safe use of a particular piece of equipment.

Custom-build containment systems are designed to each customer specification and  range from small portable devices to large scale laboratory safety enclosures.

  • Expert in-house engineering design team
  • Purpose-built manufacturing facilities
  • 100% British design and Manufacturing


CTS provide end-to-end containment solutions ensuring that project requirements are met at every stage of the process.

Design & Manufacture

Design, construction and commissioning of mobile and bench mounted laboratory fume hood cabinets to the pharmaceutical industry...

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Project Management

End-to-end management of containment projects, and where necessary coordination with other service providers ...

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Service & Validation

Technical support, calibration and certification of laboratory systems. Preventive maintenance and service support...

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Training Workshops

Training for experienced and new analysts to develop safe work practice when handling drug compounds in the laboratory.

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world-leading innovator for containment Systems

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CTS Provide Safe Handling Environments to independent laboratories as well as some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

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