Specific containment systems

Laboratory Process Containment Systems

CTS modular laboratory process containment, MPC systems, are a combination of all their containment technologies and provide a safe and controlled working environment. 

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MPC Systems

CTS can engineer safe systems specific to laboratory processes by linking enclosure systems and equipment together. Laboratory process systems are designed to each customer specification and can be a combination of balance enclosures,  LEVs, Isolators and climatically controlled enclosures.

The design approach will not only consider the laboratory processes and the respective containment applications to provide the best balance of safety and productivity, but also will take into account how the equipment is used and how it is serviced.

If you would like to discuss potential applications for containment, call +44 2392 695521 or send an email to sales@containment-technology.co.uk

CTS Bespoke Portfolio

 CTS have developed a portfolio of bespoke systems and devices. Ranging from small portable devices to large scale laboratory enclosures, custom systems include:

  • Portable Containment Devices
  • Stainless Steel Solutions
  • Unique Environments
  • Laboratory Process Containment Systems

On receipt of the laboratory process specification and user requirements, CTS design engineering team reviews the safety aspects of the system applications and generates a design specification for client's consideration.

Design Consultation

CAD files of the proposed safety enclosure are created enabling the client to modify dimension aspects of the enclosure and to collaborate with the design team to achieve the best possible design solution for the safety system.

CAD Engineering

All components are 100% made in the UK, and assembled and fitted at CTS facilities in Portsmouth. Once an enclosure is built, a quality control procedure (QC) is carried out to ensure that the system functions as expected.

Custom Manufacturing

CTS can undertake factory acceptance testing and can also do this on behalf of their customers if required. During this procedure, the containment system is evaluated during and after the assembly process by verifying that it is built and operating in accordance with the design specifications.

Factory Acceptance Documentation

CTS have developed a comprehensive Installation and Operational Qualification (IQOQ) certification for all their equipment. IQOQ packages are provided as standard, ensuring all safety systems perform as expected. All CTS equipment is pre-qualified prior to shipment.



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