ClimateZone™ - Climate Controlled Laboratory Enclosures

ClimateZone™ are climate controlled laboratory enclosures specifically designed for handling sensitive pharmaceutical drug compounds

Why use a ClimateZone™?

Ambient conditions within the laboratory are very dependent on external weather conditions. Weather conditions will vary throughout the day, but also due to seasonal variances, they will vary significantly throughout the year. This is a challenge to facility managers because a laboratory will have a large amount of air changes. This means that lots of air conditioned is being exhausted from the laboratory and external air has to be conditioned and returned back to the laboratory which impacts on facility costs for heating and cooling, but also has an obvious environmental cost.

ClimateZone™ provides a solution

ClimateZone™ climate controlled laboratory enclosures can maintain a set climatic condition for drug handling. For the analyst, this means that work on pharmaceutical drug compounds can be carried out in stable predictable conditions without affecting other areas of the laboratory. Our systems do not require any support from the building extract and air conditioning systems. ClimateZones™ are mobile and operate from a standard electrical power supply which makes them energy efficient and simple to install.

Safe handling of sensitive drugs

Many drug compounds can be hazardous which mean that they have to be handled in a safe environment that protects the analyst. CTS ClimateZone™ systems operate in a way in which the internal atmosphere is continually HEPA filtered. This traps any airborne contaminants that are present when handling powdered drug compounds. Our ClimateZone™ enclosures are proven to provide safe handling environments for analysts when handling potent drugs.


CTS Climatically controlled systems allow the analyst to set the environment within a range between 15 – 35 °C and 20 – 90% RH. If required, cooler and dryer atmospheres can also be achieved with additional bolt on modules. We manufacture ClimateZone™ climate controlled laboratory enclosures systems at our UK Portsmouth factory. So far we have systems in over 300 laboratories worldwide. We are always building custom solutions to suit specific needs and always keen to take on a challenge!

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