Bespoke Laboratory Safety Enclosures

CTS bespoke laboratory safety enclosures range from small portable devices to large scale containment. CTS portfolio includes High Potency Environments, Instrument Enclosures, Weighing Enclosures, Controlled Environments, Process Containment and Furniture and Accessories. You can filter the gallery by clicking on the relevant category below.

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High Potency Environments
Sealed Environments
Instrument Enclosures
Weighing Enclosures
Controlled Environments
Furniture & Accessories
Process Containment
Process Contaiment
Laboratory Spray Dryer Enclosure - Bespoke laboratory fume hood

Spray Dryer Enclosure

High Potency Environments, Sealed Environments

Negative pressure HEPA filtered environment for BUCHI B290 spray dryer handling high potency powders.

Acrylic and Stainless steel laboratory enclosure

Large Automation Enclosure

Instrument Enclosures

Large vented containment system for powder handling processes with a 'Safe Change' HEPA filtration.

Laboratory bulk powder weighing enclosure

Bulk Powder Enclosure

Weighing Enclosures

Safe handling environment for dispensing kilogram quantities of active powder.

Laboratory glovebox for humidity control with two glove ports

Low Humidity Glove Box

Controlled Environments

Enclosed environment for handling sensitive drug products, suitable for humidity control.

Inert Glovebox

Inert Glovebox

Instrument Enclosures

Inert glovebox with low PPM oxygen and moisture control. Automatic negative or positive pressure operation

Tray Dryer Containment

Tray Dryer Containment

Instrument Enclosures

Safe laboratory environment for accessing tray dryer ovens used to dry potent compounds.


Custom Laboratory Benches

Furniture & Accessories

Custom built mobile and height adjustable laboratory bench system with integrated electrical plugs.

Laboratory Safety Enclosure for Climate Control

Low Humidity Enclosure

Controlled Environments

Automatically controlled Low humidity powder handling environment down to less than 5% RH.

Particle Sizer Laboratory Enclosure

Large Scale Robotics System

Instrument Enclosures, Process Containment

Height-adjustable large scale instrumentation enclosure with an ergonomically designed sliding sash aperture for regular access and set up.

Powder Enclosure-1

Powder Enclosure

High Potency Environments, Weighing Enclosures

Stainless Steel powder weighing enclosure designed for sensitive analytical balances weighing high potency powders.

Stainless steel laboratory process containment enclosure for potency drugs

Potent Powder Containment

Process Containment, High Potency Environments, Instrument Enclosures

High level open faced containment systems for potent powder handling and small scale synthesis for laboratory scale up activities

Hospital Isolator

Hospital Isolator

Sealed Environments, high potency environments

Positive pressure aseptic hospital isolator for handling of cytotoxic drugs. Constructed in Stainless Steel with an interlocking transfer hatch.

LEV particle sizer

LEV Particle Sizer Enclosure

Instrument Enclosures

Contained environments for Malvern and Sympatec particle size analysers.

Sympatec Enclosure - Malvern Enclosure

Instrument Enclosure

Instrument Enclosures

Automation enclosure with high level user protection and easy access for maintenance and set up

Stainless Steel Powder handling Isolator with Vacuum oven

Isolator with Vacuum Oven

Process Containment, Sealed Environments, High Potency Environments, Controlled Environments

Negative pressure high containment powder handling isolator with integrated vacuum oven

Small stainless steel LEV Enclosure

Small LEV Enclosure

Instrument Enclosures

Small scale instrumentation enclosure with easy to use sliding sash access panel

Bespoke laboratory enclosure for a synthatec particle sizer

Particle Sizer Containment

Instrument Enclosures

Containment system for Sympatec Particle Sizer. Designed to protect the user when analysing active drug powders. The system allows easy access for setup and maintenance activities.

Laboratory HEPA Filtered Glovebox with docking system

HEPA filtered Glovebox

Sealed Environments

Custom HEPA filtered Glovebox complete with Docking System for a Fluid Bed Dryer and High Shear Wet Granulator. Designed to allow large scale laboratory apparatus to be moved into and out of a containment environment.

Mastersizer 3000 Particle size Testing of Potent Powders

Masterizer 3000

Instrument Enclosures

Containment enclosure for particle size testing of Potent Powders

CTS Custom laboratory walk in enclosure

Laboratory Walk-in Enclosure

Process Contaiment

Large scale enclosure to contain laboratory process equipment

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