ClimateZone™ – Climatically Controlled Enclosure

ClimateZone™ Enclosure systems are designed to provide a safe, climatically controlled environment for the handling of sensitive pharmaceutical drug compounds.
The ClimateZoneTM  Enclosure air treatment unit provides users with a variety of selectable temperature and humidity profiles, which are automatically maintained.

  • Closed loop HEPA filtered system
  • Safe working environment for active drug handling
  • Suitable for inhalation drug handling
  • Controlled temperature & humidity
  • Mobile self contained system
  • No facilities extract required
  • Easy access for maintenance & setup


Read the technical specification of this ClimateZone™ Enclosure below or alternatively download the datasheet using the following button.
Technical Datasheet

ClimateZone is a customisable enclosure. If you are looking for a bespoke solution for climate control enclosure or any other laboratory containment system, please contact us.

Customisable Design




Customisable Design

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Download the technical specification of this ClimateZone™ Enclosure using the following button. If you are looking for a bespoke safety enclosure, please contact us.

ClimateZone™ Enclosure Systems provide a safe climatically controlled environment, allowing for powder sample testing to be conducted under manageable predetermined temperature and humidity profiles.

CTS ClimateZone™ systems operate in a way in which the internal atmosphere is continually HEPA filtered. This traps any airborne contaminants that are present when handling powdered drug compounds. Our ClimateZone™ enclosures are proven to provide safe handling environments for analysts when handling potent drugs.

 The following video is a brief overview on the ClimateZone™ enclosure.


  • Stainless steel skeletal frame and bench
  •  8mm Optically clear cast acrylic panels
  •  Black Trespa base


External / Internal
1500 x 750 x 1650 / 1220 x 700 x 725
2000 x 750 x 1650 / 1720 x 700 x 725
2500 x 750 x 1650 / 2220 x 700 x 725

  • IRIS ports fitted as standard
  •  Glove port options available
  • Custom built solutions available
  • ClimateZone™ Enclosure provides operator adjustable temperature and humidity settings between17°C-35°C (+/-1°C) and  17%RH-85%RH (+/-3%) relative humidity
  • Customisable to operate at profiles outside standard ranges. If required, cooler and dryer atmospheres can also be achieved with additional bolt on modules.


  • Ultrasonic humidity generation system
  • Continual water filtration system
  • UV water treatment system

ClimateZone™ enclosures are mobile and operate from a standard electrical power supply which makes them energy efficient and simple to install.


  • 230v/50Hz/13A Service (EU)
  • 110v/60Hz/20A Service (USA)


  • Safe-change HEPA filter
  • Modular air handling filtration unit
  • Min 99.995% efficiency at 0.3 microns (H14)
  • Activated Carbon filtration available


  • Continual airflow monitoring using a dual sensor hot wire anemometer complete with audible / visual alarm

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