The LungZone™ provides a controlled temperature and humidity environment (37°C – 95% RH) for testing inhalation drugs, replicating climatic conditions within the lung during the respiratory cycle.

In addition to replicating lung conditions, the LungZone™ also mimics the respiratory cycle providing a controlled airflow through different sized lung assemblies. 

Drug delivery devices can be evaluated as to how effectively drug is delivered through the trachea, primary and upper lobe bronchi, establishing how far into the respiratory tract drug is delivered.

The LungZone™ respiratory mechanism can be easily programmed to provide specific tidal respiratory rates and inspiratory cycles to replicate different lung capacities.

  • Ideal for testing effectiveness of drug delivery devices alongside In Vivo trials
  • Controlled temperature and humidity environment
  • Programable tidal and inspiratory cycles
  • Automatic switching from tidal to inspiratory function
  • Stainless steel lung assembly sections – trachea – bronchi and bronchioles
  • Patent Registered
  • UK Design and Manufacture
  • Automated options available
  • Custom build options available

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