Powder Weighing Enclosures

Potent Powder Weighing Enclosures
Safe Weighing Environments

Weighing is one of the most common activities carried out in a laboratory and has been identified as one of the most obvious sources of air borne contamination exposing analysts to drug compounds that they are handling. The reason for this is that the analyst will very often be weighing small quantities (mg’s) of active pharmaceutical drug using very precise analytical balances.

During this task the user will be in close proximity to the balance and very likely within a ‘breathing zone’ of 300mm from the active drug. It is important to protect the analyst from airborne particulates present when handling drug powders.

Drugs can have pharmacological affects at low nanogram levels. This is a concentration that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

CTS and a1-safetech Potent Powder Weighing Enclosures (Also referred to as Vented Balance Safety Enclosure systems – VBSE’s) are specifically designed to provide analysts with a safe environment for the weighing and manipulation of potent pharmaceutical drug compounds.

The performance of our range has been independently surrogate tested in accordance with ISPE guidelines and documented in accordance to EN 689 statistical criteria. Test reports are available.

Balance Stability

Sensitive analytical balances can be used to weigh milligram quantities of powders. The performance of analytical balances is greatly affected by air turbulence and vibration.

Balances require a solid vibration free base and a turbulence free environment. Placing a balance inside a fume hood will not allow the user to carry out the weighing task effectively. This is because fume hoods are not designed to provide vibration free and turbulence free environments.

Our enclosure systems have been developed to provide a stable weighing environment for sensitive analytical balances.  Our systems provide a low turbulence airflow that ensures airborne contaminants are taken away and captured. At the same time, sensitive analytical balances are not affected by turbulence or vibration. All our systems have an integral base made from Ceramic or Granite to provide vibration resistance. Our extract and filtration systems provide localised extraction and safe change filtration whilst remaining remote from the enclosures to eliminate any vibration transfer.

Simple to Integrate

CTS and a1-safetech systems can operate independently from the laboratory house extract system and are also portable enough to be relocated if required. Our systems are typically provided with integrated HEPA filtration that allows local safe filter change. The extract air from our systems can be exhausted from the laboratory at a fixed rate, or, if required, recirculated to save on energy and air handling costs.