Glove Boxes and Isolators

Laboratory Gloveboxes and Isolators
Gloveboxes and Isolators are designed to provide stable environments for carrying out various activities in the laboratory. Some activities could be focussed on product protection and some can be operator protection. CTS provide a range of standard systems and customise our products to meet your needs.
High Potency Laboratory Isolators
Our range of Stainless Steel Isolator systems provide a safe, negative pressure environment for the handling of high potency drugs.

These systems operate under controlled  negative pressure with Safe Change HEPA filtration into and out of the Isolator. Interlocked doors are fitted to ensure that sample entry and exit is controlled, and audible visual alarms constantly monitor the condition within the isolator.

The construction in stainless steel means that our systems can be cleaned and decontaminated very easily which is important when handling drugs with low nanogram OEL levels.
SafetyBox™ HEPA Filtered Glovebox Systems
Our range of HEPA filtered gloveboxes provide users with a negative pressure safe handling environment for potent drug compounds. These systems can be upgraded to have interlock door systems and airflow alarms.
Controlled Environment Isolators
CTS laboratory Isolators can be configured to automatically maintain Low Oxygen Levels and Low Humidity levels for handling sensitive products. Our systems can still maintain an automatically controlled negative pressure and so a high level of operator protection.
Simple to Integrate
All of our Laboratory Isolator and SafetyBox™ systems operate independently and so require minimal facility integration.

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