FAN 600 Filter Change Out Procedure

CTS Containment systems are designed to provide a safe handling environment for users when working with potent powders.

Unlike a BioSafety Cabinet, the types of substances being handled inside CTS enclosures cannot be neutralised by carrying out a VHP decontamination.

For this reason, the CTS systems are designed to be easy to clean when in use and the HEPA filters are a safe change design.

The filter change activity is a short duration task that when carried out correctly will avoid any contamination to the engineer or the laboratory environment.

The extract and filtration design principle is the same for all CTS open face enclosure systems.

Fan 600 Change procedure Machine

A. The duct exit connection to the enclosure can be safely cleanedfrom inside the enclosure with the extraction and filtration system operatingas normal.

B. The ducting connecting the filter to the enclosure is considered to be contaminated and will be changed out at the same time as the filter

B. The HEPA is encased inside the manifold system and changed out as a single unit.

C. HEPA Filter is located before the fan section so that the FAN extraction is always cleanand safeto maintain

D. Extract and Filtration System is separate from the enclosure


This process must be carried out by a CTS Engineer or a competent trained engineer familiar with the hazards associated with potent powder compounds. Disposable Tyvek Overall Laboratory Glasses Double Gloves FFP3 Mask

FAN 600 Filter change out procedure


  1. Internal of spigot area is cleaned from inside enclosure​

2. Loosen duct clip connection

3. Create Sleeve section

4. Fix upare part of sleeve section to the enclosure spigot using tape 

5. Gather up sleeve section to upper part of duct

6. Fix lower section of sleeve toduct

7. Loosen duct clip connection

8. Pull duct away

9. Seal sleeve off using cable ties

10. Use to create a tight seal around the sleeve

11. Cut througt taped section and seal

12. Repeat with other duct connections that connect to the same filter

13. The filter unit unclips from the main body. Note the filter surface showing is the clean side

14. Place complete filter and duct assembly into a hazard bag for disposal. Make sure waste is double bagged

15. The remaining sleeve section connected to the duct may have some small amount on contaminant if the spigot wasn`t thoroughly cleaned. It is a good idea to wet this section from inside the enclosure before removing and adding a new duct connection