Laboratory Powder Handling Cabinets

CTS laboratory powder handling cabinets meet a wide spectrum of safety applications ensuring analysts are protected from airborne contaminants during laboratory research and product development processes.

The following is CTS range of laboratory powder handling cabinets. It comprises of Powder Weighing Enclosures, Instrument Enclosures, Climate Control Enclosures and Glove & Isolators Boxes

CTS laboratory powder handling cabinets are customisable and can also be designed to each customer specification. Follow this link to browse through a selection of CTS Bespoke laboratory enclosures.

If you would like to discuss potential applications for containment, fill in the contact form , call +44 2392 695521 or send an email to

CTS fume hoods and safety cabinets are 100% designed and manufactured in the UK and are supplied worlwide.

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