A1 Envirosciences and CTS

A1 Envirosciences and CTS Containment systems

A1-Envirosciences restructure allowed CTS to provide dedicated support to UK and Irish Customers.

A1-envirosciences have been at the forefront of the supply and support of instruments for chemical analysis for over 45 years. They have strategically restructured and formed partnerships to best support customers throughout the whole Europe. This reorganisation allowed the formation of CTS Europe to provide dedicated support to UK and Irish customers with containment solutions such as the ST1 Balance Enclosure, ClimateZone and LEV systems originally supplied under the a1-safetech division of a1-envirosciences.

a1-envirosciences continue to have a significant presence in the UK supporting the ‘envirotech’ range of electrochemistry equipment, but also continue to provide fully accredited Installation, Commissioning and Service support for all the containment technologies provided through CTS.