MarketsandMarkets High Potent Medicines Conference 2019

Speaker at high Potent Medicines Conference 2019

MarketsandMarkets High Potent Medicines Conference 2019 addresses the challenges in the continual evolution of industry standards, technologies, and regulations. 

The cytotoxic nature of HPAPIs presents significant handling challenges and thus requires heavy investments for implementing specialized containment that facilitate the safety of analysts from exposure. During this year’s conference, Sean Codling, CTS Managing director, discussed strategies on containment and presented a case study about the current challenges and compromises of laboratory containment. 

Discussing strategies on containment, scalability and safety of those high potency compounds is imperative to support their growing demand and to overcome challenges within the industry. MarketandMarkets High Potent Medicines Conference is a 2-day event with Pharma and CMO’s experts providing training and sharing the best practices for safe and efficient production of HPAPIs, Visit this Marketsandmarkets conference page for more information on the event.