Risk Analysis Checklist

pills under a magnifying glass

Prior to working with potentially hazardous compounds or new processes within the laboratory, a risk analysis of the hazards involved should be performed. Below is a list of some consideration areas when carrying out this type of risk analysis.

What data are available on the drug?

What safety datasheets (SDS) are available?
What are the exposure effects of the drug?
What storage and handling procedures are required?

What level of potency is the drug?

Has the potency level changed?
What level of containment is recommended?

What test procedure or analysis needs to be carried out?

Will this procedure create an exposure potential?
How long will this analysis take?
How often will this analysis be performed?

What is the quantity of drug substance being tested?

How many samples are there?
Are they all the same potency or physical composition?

Who will carry out the analysis?

Are they fully competent – Have they had the necessary and required Safety Training?
Do they fully understand the test or analysis procedure?
Are they skilled at using the test equipment?
Do they fully understand the toxicological properties of the drug?

What is the general state of health?

Do operators who intend to work with the drug have any allergies?
Have they had any over-exposure to chemicals in the past?
Are they sensitive in any way to the drug substance being tested?
Are there any other factors (pregnancy, injury etc.) that will affect the way in which they work?

What facilities are in place to contain the operation?

Can the operation be carried out inside the proposed system comfortably?
Is the proposed system suitable for the drug analysis or respective manipulation operations?
Can said system be cleaned or decontaminated effectively?

Has the proposed containment system been verified for use?

Does the scientist know how to use the system safely?
Does the scientist know how to clean the system correctly?
Has the system been tested?
Does the system perform to recognised standards?